"   THE PROPHECY "         



                             The III World War of Ezekiel Ch.38 v.4 will probably take place about the year 2000. It's the war of Russia and her allies against Godís people Israel. The Bible says in Ezekiel Ch.38 v.4 that God will cause the war by putting "hooks into thy jaws" the jaws of Russia and her allies. Most scholars agree that Magog is Russia and Gog is the Ruler of Magog. The Bible also says that they shall be turned back in their primary invasion (Ezekiel Ch.38, V.4). But God says through the Prophet Ezekiel that "God will bring him forth and all his army," a second time. The Bible also says in Ezekiel Ch. 38 V.8 that it shall be in the "latter days" when Israel has been regathered and settled by "people from many nations". Also that it shall be in a time of great peace and safety, when Israel shall be "dwelling safely" (Ezekiel Ch.38 V.11). It shall be a nuclear war because "God said that he would send a fire on Magog." It also says that "those who dwell securely in the coastlands"(Ezekiel Ch.39, V6) shall also come to know like Russia, that God is God. The Bible also says that it will take seven months to bury the dead of the Russian army and her allies (Ezekiel Ch.39 V.12). It says in Ezekiel Ch.39 V.2 that only one out of six will live through this war to return to Russia and tell how God showed His glory in helping Israel.

    Now the bad news to American people, especially Christians, is that we (the American people) are probably the people that "dwell securely in the Coastlands." Also we see the countries of Ezekiel Ch.38 V.13 represented as the protestors of the invasion by Russia. It appears that when we join with Israel in their defense, that Russia probably using nuclear submarines, will knock out all our major cities in the United States of America. This is why Jesus said in Luke Ch.21 V.20-21 that when we see "Jerusalem compassed with armies" that we should get out of the Judaeas in the U.S. and head for the mountains.

    Why should we flee our Judaeas or major U.S. cities? Well the answer is simple. Because nuclear hell is getting ready to break loose on those who are "dwelling securely in the Coastlands" (Ezekiel Ch.39 V.6) the major protector and helper of Israel, the good old U.S. of A. . The reason we know it is nuclear war is Ezekiel Ch.39 V.9-10 where it says that they shall use the nuclear energy of the captured armaments and extract the energy out of them for seven years. It also says in Ezekiel Ch.39 V.10 that they shall not "cut any wood". That means natural fuel shall not be used. They shall exploit the nuclear energy of the captured armaments of Russia and her allies. Peter in his sermon in Ch.2 of the Book of Acts, Verses 19 and 20, said there would be blood, fire and in Joel Ch.2 V.30 "Pillars of smoke"- thatís the famous mushroom cloud from the explosion of nuclear bombs. Peter in his sermon of Acts 2 said in V. 20 there would be what we call a nuclear winter Ė when the sun turns to darkness.

    But the good news is that millions of people will turn to God. In Acts Ch.2 V.21 Peter said "it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved".

    Now after this great war that destroys the United States and Russia, the world will look for a man of peace, a man of God (so called) to unite all nations and religions for a world of peace and safety and economic security. This so called man of peace shall sign a seven year peace pact with Israel (Daniel Ch.9 V.27). But in the middle of the week of years (7 years), the scripture says he shall enter into the Jewish temple (which the Jews shall build in Israel) and cause the sacrifice to stop. It also says that he shall make it desolate by his actions (Daniel Ch.9 V.27) and the Jews shall flee.

    Furthermore we read in Paulís letter to the church in II Thessalonians Ch.2 V3-4, that he shall sit in the Jewish temple in Israel showing himself to be God, and demand that all receive a mark in their right hand or forehead (Rev. Ch.13 V.16-17) or they cannot buy or sell anything, including food. HE is the "abomination of desolation" in the Holy place spoken of by Jesus in Mathew Ch.24 V.15. Jesus also told the Jews to flee this Beast or Antichrist sitting in the temple in Mathew Ch.24 V.15-20. This is a message to Jews because Mathew is to Jews.

    Now whatís in store for Christians? Well, according to Daniel Ch.12 V.10 many shall be tested, but "the wicked shall do wickedly" (they shall take the mark of the Beast). But the victorious Christians shall be the "blessed saints that wait till the end of the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days" (Daniel Ch.12 V.12). These are "the saints that wait for the rapture," or coming of Christ in the clouds of glory (II Thess. Ch.2 V.1 and I Corinthians Ch.15 V.52 and I Thess. Ch.4 V.4-18).

    This will be 75 days past the middle of Danielís seventieth week and 105 days after the Antichrist is revealed (II Thess. Ch.2 V.1-4).

    So we see Christians will be tested only for 3 Ĺ months under the rule of the Beast. Then we shall rapture out of here and wait in heaven for the end of the tribulation and the return of Christ to set up His kingdom to rule on earth 1000 years and after that eternity in the New Heaven. Thank you Jesus.



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