Iím sorry to write that it appears that the Devil will in a sense, defeat part of the church of the lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately not all Christians have the same power with God. Those that have gone on to sonship will not be bothered by Mr.666. So the good news is ,Rev.13,7 is not defeat for the manifested sons of God mentioned in Romans Ch.8, verse 23.

    We see that according to this verse 23 we can go on with God and become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh as explained in Ephesians Ch.5, V.30 & V.32. This is the true meaning of being "Born Again." Jesus said in John Ch.3, V.3 that if you are not born again, you can not see the kingdom of God. He also said we can not enter the kingdom of God in John 3, verse 5 if we are not born of the spirit or "Born of God" as we read in I John Ch.5, V.4. The experience mentioned in I John Ch.5, V.4 also says this is that which "overcometh the world." This includes the Beast or Antichrist in Revelation Ch.13, V.7 which shall make war with the saints and it says he shall overcome them. This is not the manifested sons of God of Romans Ch.8, V.23 and I John Ch.5, V.4.

    The Bible teaches us in II Thess. 2, V.3 that the coming of Christ "shall not happen until there is the falling away first and the man of sin be revealed" (the last pope, Mr.666).

    So the church will be tested a little and probably rapture out of here with the two witnesses when God says in Rev. Ch.11,V.11 & 12 to them "with a great voice, come up here."

    He didnít say John and Elijah come up here or some other name, so thatís probably the rapture of all Godís people. If Jesus had not used the name of Lazurus in John Ch.11, V.43, all the dead saints would have come forth, but in this case he doesnít specify who, so it might be all of us. According to that we will know when we leave here, about 3 Ĺ days after we see the two dead witnesses on CNN or some channel of international television. But my point is still the same, those fully converted shall not be defeated ever, and only killed by the Beast if God permits it. Many shall be transported like Elijah and also Phillip after baptizing the Ethiopian in Acts Ch.8,V.39. Many shall also receive food without the mark of the Beast like Elijah and the widow woman in the 3 Ĺ years of drought, typical of the last days in I Kings Ch.17, V.12-16. This will be the supernatural saints which are able to overcome the Beast, Mr.666, the last pope and some Pentecostal prophet that sells his gift for reward like the prophet Balaam in Jude V.11, and does miracles to prove that the pope is God on Earth.

    The defeated saints of Rev. Ch.13, V.7 will probably be those "in the great falling away," when the mark of the beast comes into being. The only way to buy food for your children will be the computer chip in the hand or the forehead or a little faith & power or at least enough faith to die for Jesus and not take the "mark of the pope"or "Beast."

    When you repent and get baptized you are saved from hell. This is the blood of Jesus bearing witness in Earth, your earthen vessel, that you are forgiven, I John 5,8 , but you need the other two bearing witness, the spirit and the water. This is the washing of the water by the word in Ephesians Ch.5, V.26 and the witness of the spirit, being transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove not only the good and acceptable will of God, but that you may prove the perfect will of God for your Life at all times, Romans Ch.12, V.2 & Romans Ch.8, verses 13, 21, & 23.

    Saints of God, hear the word and get converted.



TRACT # 7-2